Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I'm actually getting excited for Windows Phone 7

I've always been a nerd for mobile devices. I buy new phones more often than is wise; mostly just to see the latest technology. For years I had Windows Mobile based phones and even convinced myself that I liked them. The HTC Touch (WM 6) almost bordered on not sucking, but deep down I knew that Windows Mobile was slow, clunky and had the worst of the two worlds of PDA and Phone. I even had a WM SmartPhone once but don't get me started (I never did buy a SmartWatch though).
Finally, a year or so ago, after the umpteenth hard-rest to get my Window Mobile device to actually work as a phone again, I gave up and bought a BlackBerry. It's worked but I've never really liked it.
But now Windows Phone 7 has launched. And I gotta say it looks cool. No more Windows 95 trying to be a mobile OS. And it looks interestingly enough different from iOS and Android to have me curious. Plus I have a reasonable chance of being able to jump start some app development without having to learn the Eclipse/Java/Android stack and there's no way in hell I'll have the time to figure out to develop on a Mac with Objective C.
I've got the SDK and have already whipped up a quick app. Now all I need is a new phone.
The temptation is killing me. It's probably a foregone conclusion at this point.