Saturday, December 17, 2011

WebOS? I like it...

So I picked up one of those HP TouchPads from their latest eBay firesale for $150. Mostly intended as a much nerdier replacement for an iPad. Root it, put Android on it, play around with other linux tablet builds, even get Windows 8 on there as soon as that's possible. At a $150 I'm much more comfortable taking the risk of bricking this thing than say the $5-600 pricetag of similar hardware.

So anyway, after a few days of playing around with it and the cyanogenmod 7 build I have to say of the 3 tablet OS's (IOS, WebOS, Android) that I've used WebOS is the most compelling. It's prettier and slicker than IOS and definately better organized and usable than Android. Maybe it's the newness of it for me, but i just plain "like it".

If I had to choose a single OS for every day tablet use (and I do use my tablet every day at work and home) WebOS is the easy first choice for me. If it had word's with friends and stumbleupon I wouldn't even hestiate.

Let's hope that HP's decision to open source it giives it some legs.

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